Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When It Appears To Fall Apart

Snippet: Listening to Landon Pigg - Can't Let Go. And yes, there are so much things that I can't let go.

Another late night rambling. Just doesn't feel like sleeping yet. Maybe it's the nap I took earlier, maybe it's the hungry feeling, maybe it's the thing in your mind that's so very unexplainable, you just can't type it down in words.

I feel like I'm surrounded by faces hidden upon faces. People in disguise, those who dwell in the fog, creeping up to you, in a costume of another creature. For they are those who come around with a hi and leave you without a bye. Leaving a false impression, making you a subject of their judgment. Behind our backs, they plan to stab you with knives of multi blades, a plan only revealed to those they feel comfortable around.

Guess that this is the nature of us. Easily pulled into a conversation, hardly realizing the
damage of it. Tensions arise within this small community, and I'm so afraid I'm falling deep into it. There are those who don't realize the depth of it, playing happily above in the shallow waters. For those stuck deep within the trench, they are those spun into a web of confusion. And as for me, I believe there is a need of salvation.

Everytime we seek, we ask for help. When help arrives, we bath in joy. The help arrives all right, but not from those we seek. The cycle continues day by day, the feelings are being played like a CD on repeat. Someone needs to press that stop button as it's playing too fast.

Our mind chooses not to hear, but what about our senses?

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