Saturday, June 7, 2008

City lights

Last night was one of the many random nights.

Starting with nasi lemak madness at Selera 223, the 6 of us ended up rather 'steamed'. The night was young, and we needed a place to cool down, else, we were losing on another Friday night outing. And nope, we didn't end up at a usual yamcha place, or McD or even downtown KL.

Instead, went for a panaromic view of the city at night.


This is where you get the best view of the whole KL city skyline with the dazzling lights of the many towering buildings and streets.


The place was Hulu Langat, or better know as the 'Lookout Point'. Getting there however, wasn't easy for us. It took us roughly an hour plus, including a 13km route which lead us the opposite direction. But it was all worth it...

Close up of the city centre.The lights from KLCC were switched off at midnight though.

Me and the city

6 dudes with minds of adventure.

Proven that randomness gets you to places beyond your imagination.

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