Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Study Lapse

2 days left...
33 hours and counting...

Marks the end of my first semester exams...of which, I could just feel the aftermath of it!

Imagine the painstaking countless hours of ripping through the pages of my impossibly thick books, which no matter how much I read them, somehow, seems like a neverending story of pathways and scientifically termed phrases...

And Thursday...Gawd, would you ever come sooner?

Makes me wished exams end tomorrow.

Yet there's this Physiology paper in 7 hours time. Followed by Biochemistry the day after. What comes next doesn't really matter except that it has nothing related with the word 'dental', 'anatomy' and beta-adrenergic blockers...

What brings me up late tonight? The plan was to study prior to the football match in 30 minutes time, but I was hooked up reading these interesting Singaporean blogs which convey posts of an entirely different perspective and opens up a new category of blogs written by anonymous bloggers.

Reading those blogs, which had posts directed straight to the point with clearcut mind to screen thoughts, impresses me with their level of English literacy. So much that it seems that they (Singaporeans) are far more superior in terms of language and vocabulary compared to us. Gosh, they made every post seemed ripped from pages of our literature component books.

Remember the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Their's is the total opposite.

There's 2 more topics to revise, I'm guessing I'll leave it for later after the match...that is if I manage to stay awake till dawn.

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