Sunday, April 20, 2008

Scattered Stones's been time I've updated. A week into my holiday break & I found myself sitting at home most of the time. Guess this is something I'm quite fond of everytime I return for a holiday break. Found out that most of my buddies weren't around anymore, so not many outings except a few with Edward. I guess the both of us share a common thing, which is "holidays-with-nothing-to-do-but-sit-at-home".

Photobucket wished not to be seen

I'm actually sitting in front of the laptop 12 of the 15 hours that I'm awake. The only time I stepped out of my room was to eat, shower and occasionally going out. I wake up to the smell of lunchtime meals and having the sun shining directly above, and asleep when the backdoor neighbour kakak wakes up to do the laundry. I think you can picture the situation here. With nothing much to do in the real world, the virtual world kept me 'alive'.

Photobucket's so vibrant, you're alive!

I've been watching YouTube more than the TV set outside in the living. There's tons of videos to view, and lately I've been watching those musicians with their songs and covers. Some of them are really good and have potential to be aspiring stars, such as Ana Free, Miaa Rose and Olivia Thai. Then there's this insane child prodigy, Sungha Jung, who plays fingerstyle guitar like a maestro. I was then inspired to make a video and post it online. Spontaneously, together with Edward, we recorded a night drive video, but sadly it was too big to be posted up.

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Besides the tube, I've been hooked up playing back Dota. My Dota skills have plummeted tremendously. Not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I think I've slowly lost my touch in it. Well, blame it on Counter-Strike, which lately I've resumed playing. Trying to revive those fragging days of yesteryears. I'm quite shocked to see people still playing the old 1.6 version when CS: Source has been out already. More shockingly, I found myself getting fragged by kids as young as 10 years old. No joke, but seriously, these kids got the quick fingers.

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As people plan for holiday breaks, I'm planning what to do after it. Of course it's back to those dental books waiting at my desk back in KL. Yet, there's this thought of going back to AIMST to visit my college mates, but I'll guess that have to wait. Then there's the concerts and gigs going on, one of which is the Freedom Fest which most probably I'm attending. When there's the likes of Tiesto and Ferry Corsten, this is something not to be missed.

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Sometimes, I wished I could attend those gigs more often, especially those with live bands and so on. And many times when there was a gig going on, I missed it because of my tight schedule & the lack of transport. I missed Colbie Cailat due to exams, Incubus because of transport problems and many gigs at Laundry because non of my friends wanted to go. Maybe one day, I'll just go myself, but to think about it, feels kinda sad going alone. I guess my housemates aren't just the people who would stand outside and listen to a local band playing indie music. To them the Kbox and yamcha's are more hap' =.=

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I felt there's a huge difference between the friends I have in Kuching and those I have in KL. The major difference is of course the language barrier, which is the most obvious. Back in Kuching, it's mainly English, but once at KL, it's like I've to switch on a different frequency to tune in those Mandarin words. And when Canto comes popping in, all hell breaks lose.

The things we do, the places we go, the times we hung out...all so different.

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