Monday, March 3, 2008

Yet Another Week

Another Sunday night, another weekend over
Yet so much to study, so much to cover
Mid semester exam comes 4 weeks later
Stress of studying piling up and under.

Watching my classmates with books galore
Every detail matters, even the test score
'Kiasu' attitude definitely to the core
One wants many, the other wants more

Ahmed's class keeps repeating,
Siti's class keeps nagging,
Alaudeen's class is all about sleeping,
Ghosh's class the only blessing.

April holidays I beg you come faster!
Lazing at home what else could be better?
Thinking of it makes me happier
Darn, wished the wait wasn't any longer!

Like a flush, 5 months has past
The colors we have seen, in the shades we trust
Unity & perseverance is more than a must
For 4 and a half years more, is there to last.

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