Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Study disaster

Snippet: My Adidas shoes were stolen from the shoe rack outside my apartment unit. Along with it were 2 more Nike shoes belonging to 2 of my housemates. !@#$%^ the thieves! I hope they rot or slip when wearing those shoes and bang their head on the pavement and end up in a coma! Curses!


The past few days has been hectic. I've to admit it...

I'M STRESSED. (finally...)

If there is anything to stress about, it has to be studies. Gosh, if it's not the Biochemistry, it's the Anatomy. If it's not the Anatomy, it's the Dental Anatomy. I barely could bring in the concentration to open the thick book lying on my shelf. The trickle of sweat...

Having an OSPE (on-the-spot-practical-examination) pre-test this Thursday. It's my first time having this type of test. Not sure how its done, but somehow, I've got to memorize, identify and differentiate all the teeth in our oral cavity. And I'm yet to get started with it...


I guess I'm not the only one feeling the pressure. I can see it in the faces of my classmates. Although hidden by their facial expressions and their joyful manner, deep down, I think we're all worried about something.

What is there to worry about? Here's a short list by subjects of what I've to absorb into my grey matter within these 12 days:
- Tooth morphology & identification of every individual deciduous and permanent teeth
- 6 body systems in Physiology
- Microscopic, Gross, Development, & Neuro Anatomy which branches out into at least 10 subdivisions each
- Not to mention, 10 main topics of Biochemistry and the never ending pathways.

The list could go on, but the more I type them down, the more I found out what I've yet to study.

A classmate of mine has left the course. For her, a top student to suddenly leave the course before exams with reasons unclear left us wondering...

Is there something wrong with this course?

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