Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Computer Tricks

I'm not talking about those computer pranks which fake a virus attack or shut down. I used to play those pranks on friends but they are things of the past. Hehe. Coming back to the topic, these are hidden tricks found inside your computer if your running on the Windows platform.

TRICK 1: The "CON" Folder
Recently, I found this trick posted on one of my friends Friendster bulletin board. Apparently, an Indian discovered that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the computer which can be named as "CON". Well, after numerous attempts including renaming an image as "con" or "CON" it still didn't work.
Somehow, finally I did found out there a way to create a folder named CON. You just have to put a "space" in front of the letter "c". But not just any ordinary space from hitting the spacebar button. You've got to create an "alternate space" by holding the
ALT button and pressing 255 on the keypad. It's the same way to create ™ and ©.

There you have it, a "con" folder

TRICK 2: Notepad & Bush?
From the same Friendster bulletin, this involves opening an empty Notepad file and typing these words in one line: Bush hid the facts. After typing, save the file and reopen it again. You will get something like this:
Weird huh? I tried repeating the same words in many lines but it didn't happen again. It only happens if you type, save and reopen it the first time only. By the way, I don't read mandarin, so will someone who does help me translate it?

TRICK 3: Notepad & Twin Towers
This trick is quite popular and many knew about it. It involves opening up Notepad and typing Q33N. This trick works on Microsoft Word too. And this is what you'll get:Shocking? A grim image of what appears to be a plane crashing into two buildings just like the World Trade Centers and a skull, which probably translates as death. By the way, today is the 6th Anniversary of the Sept 11 incident, may the souls of the perished RIP...

TRICK 4: Microsoft Word Test Page
For this trick, open a new Word document and type =rand() and press Enter.
Voila! You will see a sequence of funny sentences! Try experimenting by adding digits into the brackets, for example =rand(16, 33) or =rand(200, 99). The text will appear once again. Haha.

TRICK 5: Hidden Character Editor
Windows has a few hidden programs sneaked into your computer without you know it, such as the On-Screen keyboard and the Classic Windows Media Player. Well, here's one of them, and it is designed to help you create and editing fonts. Starting it is pretty easy,

Go START, then RUN
In the box, type "eudcedit" without the quotes.
This is what you'll see:
Pretty cool huh? You could design any type of letter you want and save it. I went one step further and made this:
Erm...it was a quick draw of a Naruto character. A hellish picture.

TRICK 6: Your Name in Taskbar
This is by far one of the coolest tricks I've found out. It adds your name or any name you want next to the computer time on the bottom right of your screen. To do it:

Go to Control Panel and select the Regional and Language option.
Click the Customize tab.
Proceed to clicking the Time tab.
You will see a pulldown box for AM symbol & FM symbol. Change it to whatever you want.
Apply the settings and walla!

Impress your friends with this trick!

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