Friday, August 10, 2007

Results Out!

Woke up this morning and found this Pos Laju envelope on my doorstep, sent from,

Dang! Definitely the results! After all the sufferings of waiting, it all comes down to the contents within this envelope here. Ripping the envelope apart, the first sheet of I drew out was my result slip.

What matters more than anything other was the 2 lines at the end of the result slips. One showed the total marks of best 3 science subjects and the other showing the grades of the best 3 science subjects.

I missed getting into MBBS by 5 marks. -.-' No worries, as I'm not that eager to enter medicine. Slowly lost my interest in it. In fact, I'm not decided at all. Hahaha...still thinking and plotting my future. Anyways, I could either go back or perhaps apply some other University.

AIMST however, gave a stupid dateline to summit your application.

But I just received the results today, on the 10th! And some of my friends have yet to get theirs...

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