Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kota Kinabalu - Part 2

Final part of my trip at KK. For part 1, click here

Day 2

Since it was Monday, dad was working and it's all me alone. Well, not for long, because I contacted and went out with Wee Lee, who coincidentally was also at KK with his friends from SIT.

Shopping was very much limited to a few malls, namely Centrepoint and Warisan Square. Rest of the malls were kinda small and with nothing in store Centrepoint has been the major shopping mall for Sabahan's since it's existance. Tons of branded stores and outlets, which reminds me how developed KK is compared to Kuching. From Guess to MNG, there's plenty of designer retailers here to spend your hard earn money on. :p

Palm Square at CentrePoint, the floor which most of the designer shops are located.
At the fountain was where Wee Lee & I were stalked by a crazed woman. LoL.

Zabajone was the flavour of an ice cream i ate at Vedablu, Palm Square.
Tastes like win
e indeed.

From Centrepoint, we went to Warisan Square. Greeted by more designer shops like Quiksilver, Esprit, Padini and well known eateries such as Starbucks, Secret Recipe and San Francisco Coffee. The layout concept of Warisan Square is very well planned and engineered. 2 buildings surrounding the sides of a larger middle one connected by sky bridges. At the middle of each building there was an aisle or a walkway resembling the European style of shopping malls.

Warisan Square from the outside


You get this cool looking automatic sensor tissue dispenser at the toilets...
For the 50 cents entry fee. :p

Did most of my shopping here. Since we spent more than RM150 combined, the management of Warisan Square was kind enough to give us a mug as a gift. I took the mug and in exchange, to Wee Lee I gave my rm10 Quiksilver voucher which I had no use for, since there's nothing worth that cheap at Quiksilver. -.-'

Lee redeeming the gift.

Tired of shopping, we went for a walk around town and the nearby waterfront. Here are some of the sights:

Longest pedestrian bridge I've ever been on.

The 'Merlin' roundabout

View of the sea from the waterfront

Waterfront during sundown.

The many bars and bistro along the waterfront boardwalk

Lee posing at the boardwalk

My 'bountiful harvest' at the end of the day. Shirts from Quiksilver, PDI and FOS, sandals from Quiksilver and a bracelet from some shop at Centrepoint. Planned to buy more, but was on a tight budget.

To end the day, I spent time along the stretch of beach at Tanjung Aru at night.

Day 3

Was scheduled to fly back to Kuching in the evening. Before that, ventured out to town alone again after lunch. Ended up watching Disturbia alone, playing pool for an hour and buying a necklace and another bracelet.

Soon, I found myself waiting at the departure hall. And moments later, I was in the plane flying back to Kuching. Watching the colors of the sunset from the clouds miles above ground was a perfect end to my wonderful trip at Kota Kinabalu. Surely I had plans to come back here and visit this part of Borneo again, particularly the other places of interests such Mount Kinabalu and its park.

Traveling alone is definitely a thrill. It ain't that dangerous as most people put it. Well, maybe there are pros and cons...but there's this adventurous thing about it. You get to see, feel, touch, and not to mention taste whatever it is out there. Those who travel alot surely know how exciting and fun it is to travel, and being alone makes it somewhat special. As NicoleKiss put it; There are so many things one can experience when one travel alone.

How true...

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Nicocoa said...

did you climb mount kk? :D

Ken said...

sadly no. :(
so badly wanted too, but my trip was planned last minute and they didn't have any more accommodation up at lodge.

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